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lockoutLockout (2012)
Misiune pe MS One
Regia: James Mather, Stephen St. Leger
Actori: Maggie Grace, Guy Pearce, Peter Stormare, Joseph Gilgun
Gen film: Acţiune, SF, Thriller
Durata: 96 minute

Similar in plot to Escape from New York, Lockout follows the exploits of Marion Snow (Guy Pearce) who must unravel a scheme to frame him for the murder of an undercover agent. If he can prove his innocence, he can avoid imprisonment in a corrupt, dystopian space station prison called MS One where all of the inmates are kept in a state of suspended animation or used for illegal scientific dissection. Agent Snow must track down a mysterious metal briefcase that holds the proof that he has been framed.
Lockout also chronicles the hapless travels of Emilie Warnock, daughter of the US President who flies off to tour the deadly prison in space alongside her team of Secret Service handlers who prove ineffectual when the defrosted inmates attack. Agent Snow is offered a chance to redeem himself from the crime he did not commit if only he agrees to covertly travel to MS One and save the President’s daughter from a cast of psychotic inmates (deftly led by actors Joseph Gilgun and Vincent Regan). As the story unfolds, the hero saves the girl, defeats an army of dangerous criminals, hurtles with her back to earth and then solves the mystery of the missing briefcase. In reward for his outstanding efforts, he is set free and gets the girl.

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